Need Your Help for Upcoming Feature (“Ask an Artist”)

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Hello all!  This is a short entry, to ask for your help.

I will be starting a new feature on the blog called “Ask an Artist” soon.  This is an opportunity for you to ask any question you want of artists from any field.   Would you like to know how to get started as a film actor?  Do you wonder how much of the money you pay a gallery for a piece of art actually goes to the visual artist?  Have you wondered whether a dancer gets sore the next morning after a performance (and if not, what is their secret)?  Now is the time to ask!  No question too weird, and there are no stupid questions.

I am currently working on lining up local, regional, national and international experts in the field of dance, film and theater, visual art and music to answer your questions.  The main requirement (other than knowledge in their field) is that they answer as thoroughly and respectfully as they can.  Who knows, you may even have your question answered by someone famous.  So fire away!

You may remain anonymous, go by a nickname (think “Sleepless in Seattle”) or use your real name when submitting your questions.  Be sure to let me know what area of the arts you are addressing … is your question for a ballerina?  A hip-hop dancer?  A lighting director for stage plays?

Once you know what you want to ask, send your questions to Amy Buchheit at (under the subject line “Ask an Artist”) or to P.O. Box 873112, Vancouver, WA 98687-3112.

I look forward to hearing your questions and linking up experts who can answer them specifically.  In the meantime, I suggest subscribing to this blog so you can be alert to when the next entry of “Ask the Artist” is posted.  We will get to your questions as soon as possible!  🙂

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About Amy Buchheit

I am a Signature Member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters and an Ambassador for Artist Trust. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Marylhurst University and have exhibited on regional, national and international levels since 2000. I am committed to connecting with the viewer through my work - stirring buried emotions to the surface for further inspection and introspection. The inspiration for my art comes from direct observations, research of subjects I am passionate about and personal experiences. For more information about my art, workshops and exhibitions, visit my website at My blog "Fantastic Voyage" can be found at, and I can be found on Facebook under Amy Buchheit Art and on Twitter as @AmyBuchheit.
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9 Responses to Need Your Help for Upcoming Feature (“Ask an Artist”)

  1. Lee Richmond says:

    What a great idea! I would be interested in being a guest artist that is open to questions.

    • amybuchheit says:

      Thank you Lee! This blog idea is getting great response and I am looking at ways to expand it beyond my original scope. I am initially going to specifically target students of the arts to ask questions of the professionals (though there will be an open invitation that anyone in the general public may ask as well). I think there is a lot of potentially great questions that can come from our youth (and adults) who are already interested in the arts, and they may be more likely to ask questions initially.

      I am currently writing up a small project grant proposal so I can focus more time and energy on building this up to something that not only gives the guest artists exposure, but can create connection and community … maybe even some potential mentorships (though that isn’t the target of the blog, it could happen through connections!). I am getting more and more excited about the possibilities this feature could hold.

      I will put your name on the experts list for sure. It may be a bit before the blog feature is up and running, as it is expanding beyond what I initially thought. Please do check back in to see if it is up (or subscribe to the blog).

      When I get a group of questions I would like to direct to you I will give you a shout out. In the meantime, it is lovely to meet you! 🙂 Thank you for your interest in participating.

      All m y best,


  2. Roma says:

    Hey!, whatsup Roma here and i want to start to make my own demo tape, so was looking through the sites when i finde this one and i think this site is instresting i mean so i can ask about any anything that can help me with my music or am i thinking wrong ?

    • amybuchheit says:

      Hi Roma! I am working on having this be a reality. I am competing for grants to allow me the time needed to search down experts and connect people with them. I will be working with local schools to start as well as the public (such as yourself). I do need funding to have this come to fruition.

      Mark the blog as a favorite and stay tuned! 🙂

  3. NICHOLAS says:


    • Amy Buchheit says:

      Hi Nicholas! Thank you for taking the time to respond to this post. I’m not sure I understand what you are saying. Are you an artist asking for help? If so, in what way?

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  5. moses sandy says:

    I’m well talented in music,i can write song,also sing and rap as well.i like fun and also creat fun.
    I start the game when i was 10 yrs old but the problem is that have no good management and i believe here is the right place for me.
    Please help me and i woun’t disapoint u,i promise!

  6. moses sandy says:

    Mojo banti is my stage name.i’m well talented in music,i can write song,also sing and rap as well.i like fun and also creat fun.
    I start the game when i was 10 yrs old but the problem is that have no good management and i believe here is the right place for me.
    Please help me and i woun’t disapoint u,i promise!

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