Artist Statement

Toy Stories

The motivation for my “Toy Stories” series comes from personal experiences and responses to world events.  Using toys as subject matter is intended to create a connection with the viewer through the shared experience of play.

The images depicted may be somewhat disturbing despite the innocent nature of the plastic playthings.  There might be a sense of dis-ease coinciding with a feeling of nostalgia and fun.  I hope that as a viewer, you will walk away with experiences ranging from joy to discomfort.  What is important is that emotion is evoked in some form.

For more information on Amy’s art, workshops and exhibitions, visit her website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

"Its a Shame for You", digital photography, copyright 2009 Amy Buchheit All rights reserved


2 Responses to Artist Statement

  1. kadın giyim says:

    Very informative and useful content . You have good command on the topic and have explained in a very nice way. Thanks for helping .Nice work,hope your blog be better!I just want to make a blog like this!

  2. Amy Buchheit says:

    Thank you for your comment, Kadin! I appreciate your great feedback. Thank you for your interest and your kind words. I’m sure you will create a terrific blog! It takes a little trial and error, but if you keep posting on a regular basis, and write about something you are interested in, you will do great. 🙂

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