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Facebook Page – Art business


Blogs I like:

The Artist’s Road – A great blog on creativity, writing and an art-committed life by multi-dimensional author Patrick Ross.  Great guy, big heart, and he’s bringing on the humor in his message!  🙂

Art with Heart: Drawing and Painting with Bergsma – Internationally known artist Jody Bergsma walks you through her process step-by-step, teaching how to create beautiful drawings and paintings.

Painting Intimate Moments – blog by Vancouver, WA artist (my friend) Katie Berggren, discussing her art, motherhood and family – and how she strives to balance it all as part of an art-committed life.

Websites …

Fantastic fine art

coming soon!

Commendable Craftspeople

coming soon!

Fabulous photographers

Fine art photography:

Stan Raucher Photography:

coming soon!

Victoria Bjorklund Photography:

coming soon!

Portrait Photography:  I have two portrait photographers whose work I love.  Each has their unique way of capturing their subject’s personalities, and their own niche in the market. Both are great ladies whom I recommend.   See which style you like and give them a call!

Aevum Images – award winning photographer Kate Singh excels at many things, playful images of career women and maternity photos are stand-outs from my perspective!  🙂

Kimberli Ransom Photography – multi-talented creative Kimberli Ransom specializes in exquisite studio photography for discerning tastes.   Family portraiture and newborn photography are her forte.


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